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7 Reasons Why Guys Love Resolute Bay Cycling Jeans

1) Tailored For Cyclists

Resolute Bay Jeans are made to fit larger quads. both our Slim + Regular fit are slightly more roomier in the thigh region than your standard pair of jeans

2) Performance CORDURA® Denim

You may not be aware of what the CORDURA® is. In short, The CORDURA® brand innovates fabric and fiber technologies that make your jeans stronger and more confortable to ride in.
Click here to visit their website

3) Super Reflective Visibility

Its so important to stay visible while you ride at night. thats why we jammed in as much black reflective tape onto the jeans without making it too obvious when wearing them during the day.

4) Seamless Gusset

The gusset on our jeans is a hidden gem. not only does it make your ride more comfortable. When the dreaded day comes and your saddle has worn a hole in your crutch, this panel can easily be replaced by a local seamstress, doubling the life of your favourite pair of jeans.

5) Loved By Cyclist All Over The World

We have solid 5/5 stars customer reviews 
"I love the colour and the subtle reflective trim. They look smart yet are have great flexibility for cycling. I've even comfortably been rock climbing in them." 
Richard G - 
"Excellent. They're comfy and feel durable as well. No complaints at all!" 
Joe S - 
"The fit is excellent, really comfortable for daily wear as well as cycling." 
Martin G - 

6) Quality Assured

Quality is always hard to gauge over the internet but we promise you won’t be disappointed. The Denim is soft but hard waring + the metal trims are solid and strong.

7) The cycling magazines and blog rate them and Discerning Cyclist have really put our jeans to the test. to read their full reviews click the links below
" An excellent pair of cycling jeans that combine on-bike comfort with style, fit and practicality"
" I really can’t emphasise that enough. These cycling jeans look great. The fact that the untrained eye can’t even spot that these are ‘cycling jeans’ is a huge testament."