LS2 Reflective Cycling Jacket – Discerning Cyclist Review

High-visibility or reflective cycling jackets are seen as a must by safety-conscious cyclists – and rightly so.

Fortunately, the days of walking around looking like you’re about to steward a major sporting event are no longer a sacrifice you need to make in the pursuit of safety.


For the past five or so years, Resolute Bay has been leading the way in the quest for stylish cycling clothes with reflective detailing. Their ridiculously comfortable cycling jeans, especially, have proven a massive hit, and last year they made their first reflective cycling jacket prototype, the LS1.

I reviewed the LS1 and was very impressed with the subtle pinstripe reflective detailing, but for me, as an urban commuter, there was something lacking in this waterproof reflective cycling jacket… namely, a hood.

While the speedy road cyclists among us may not want a hood on a jacket for fear of becoming less aerodynamic, for non-competitive urban riders, there’s little desire to leave your head exposed to a full shower enroute to your destination.

The good news is that Resolute Bay took this feedback in good stead and came back with an updated version for its successful Kickstarter campaign last year.

Resolute Bay’s LS2 Reflective Cycling Jacket is now stocked up and ready for purchase, but what sort of jacket is this?

Basically, this a lightweight rain jacket that is 100% waterproof. It offers little in the way of keeping you warm but will do a splendid job at keeping you seen with the innocuous pin stripes beaming into light when exposed to headlights and the like.

And don’t worry, if you don’t want the hood, you can pop it off very quickly and throw it in a pocket. The hood is simply held in place with four secure push buttons.

Of course, one of the big concerns with waterproof jackets is that you’ll get all sweaty in the them. However, Resolute Bay have attempted to counteract this with back ventilation, as well as footlong zips under each arm which can complete open up in order to allow your body to breathe while riding. The jacket is also extremely lightweight and is made from 31% nylon and 69% polyester, making it a good candidate to roll up and throw in a bag in case of a downpour.

This cycling rain jacket also has an ergonomic cycling fit, with longer arms and a dropped back hem to keep you well covered.

It really feels like Resolute Bay have ticked every box with the LS2 Reflective Cycling Jacket. It looks good, is waterproof, windproof, very reflective, but still looks decent for every day life.

They’ve also smashed the pockets. You’ll find two deep zipped hand pockets on the front, an inside zip pocket on the chest and also a very large (but incredibly discreet) zipped pocket on the rear of the jacket which can comfortably fit most books or even tablets.


This is a fantastic rain jacket. It does everything and looks good. There’s a removable hood and tonnes of pockets, while the jacket fully protects against rain and wind, as well as making you very visible when exposed to lights.



April 30, 2019 — chris taylor