Resolute Bay Studio is where we design, develop, and work in Belfast (UK). Our studio was created out of the desire to build urban commuter clothing as tough as it is beautiful.

In 2015, Chris Taylor the founder of Resolute Bay took his ten years of experience as a menswear designer and created his very first pair of Japanese denim commuter jeans. We little to no budget for stock he launched a Kickstarter campaign which gained 100 backers and raised over £7500 for the startup to begin.
Since that point Resolute Bay has been getting bigger and better, with new products and colours being added every season. For us it’s always been about product, Chris designs each new product himself, hand cutting the patterns and sewing every prototype to perfection before passing it to the factory for production runs.
The Resolute Bay team is very small, made up of just Chris, Laura (His wife) and Max (2 year old son, His more of a mascot). We love what we do, and are passionate about making great gear for people who love what they do too. If you have any questions, comments, or ideas for improving our products, feel free to email me directly at chris.taylor@resolutebay.cc